What Causes Snoring & Effective Remedies for Snoring

Snoring is a kind of noise that is produced while you are asleep. This is a result of vibrations that occur on soft tissues located at the backside of the throat and the nose. This noise is brought about by the turbulent airflow going through air passages that are narrowed.

Generally, snoring is not a serious medical problem unless it stops you from sleeping properly, as well as other people around you. This is when certain steps should be taken to stop snoring.

Snoring that affects a person’s health must be addressed, such as a medical condition known as obstructive sleep apnea.

About Snoring

It is quite common for anyone to snore every once in a while. However, one should start considering how to stop snoring when it starts to affect the quality of sleep that a person is getting, as well as those who are around him/her.

When a person does not get quality sleep, the result could be tiredness during the day, irritability, and a number of health problems. It can also affect relationships when the snoring keeps one’s partner up all night. This is the reason why there are several suggestions on how to stop snoring and solve the problem. Fortunately, the remedy to stop snoring does not necessarily call for sleeping alone.

There are other ways to stop snoring, and finding one that works best for you will be an efficient way of improving on your physical well-being, take care of snoring damage your relationship, and get good, quality sleep.

Snoring occurs when air is not able to move freely along the air passages of the nose and the mouth while one is asleep. This is caused when the airway becomes narrow, a result of poor sleeping posture, or certain defects on the throat’s soft tissues. When the airway is narrowed, smooth breathing is prevented and the snoring sound is produced.

As a matter of fact, just about anyone may snore, men and women alike. Usually, a person who does not snore habitually will experience snoring following and illness caused by some kind of virus, during times when medication is being taken, or following consumption of alcohol.

Although it is believed that bigger people should be more concerned about finding out how to stop snoring, individuals who have smaller body frames are not exempt from snoring. Nevertheless, it is a fact that as people age and gain more weight, snoring becomes worse, and methods to stop snoring must be considered, and find a smarter solution against snoring.

What Causes Snoring?

Just as sneezing can either be caused by allergies or from a cold, snoring can be caused by various reasons. To know how to stop snoring, you will first need to know the reason why you snore in the first place. Once identified, it will be a lot easier to find the best remedy to stop snoring and start enjoying quality sleep that is deeper and quieter.

People who frequently snore usually have a lot more nose and throat tissues that tend to vibrate. How the tongue is positioned is also another factor that can be an obstacle to breathing smoothly. By monitoring your snoring habits, you are able to determine whether the reason behind it is something that you can manage on your own or not. Whatever the reasons may be there are several solutions that can help to stop snoring.

One common cause of snoring getting worse is related to the aging process. When a person reaches his middle years and further, the throat begins to get narrower. Because of this, there is a decrease in the throat’s muscle tone. When this happens, free flow of air is impeded and snoring results. Another reason would be how people are normally built. The men have air passages that are narrower than those of women. This is the reason that they snore a lot more.

Although it is natural to breathe through the nose, there are people unable to do so because of certain obstructions on nasal passages, caused by infections of the sinus, enlarged adenoids, allergies, or inflammation of turbinates. When there are obstructions in the nasal airways, a person will tend to breathe through his mouth. This causes snoring since the soft tissues vibrate even more.

The position you take on when sleeping can also be another cause of snoring. Lying flat on your back for instance will get gravity to work, pulling back your tonsils, palate, and your tongue, which makes the air passages even narrower. From here, turbulence occurs in the airflow, the soft tissue starts to vibrate, and the snoring begins. Rolling on one’s side can decrease, or even stop snoring. Being overweight is another reason that people snore. This is due to the fact that fatty tissues as well as weak muscle tone are factors that cause people to snore. Being physically fit can help stop snoring.

The primary reason that snoring occurs is because of the vibration of tissues as we breathe. There are certain kinds of medications that enhance the relaxation of the muscles while a person sleeps. This is true of alcohol as well. When the neck, palate, tongue, and pharynx reach this very relaxed state, the air passages start to collapse, leading to a narrower airway and much more vibration of the tissues. Other kinds of medications that support a much deeper sleep level worsen snoring even more.

There are a number of stages in the process of sleeping but they are generally divided to two. The first stage is referred to as REM or rapid eye movement; and the other non-REM. Snoring may happen during every stage, but it may also occur at some of its stages only. Snoring usually occurs during the REM stage. The reason behind this is there is muscle tone loss typical during this particular stage. At this stage, the brain transmits a signal for muscles to relax, except for the muscles used for breathing. However, it can also make the throat, tongue and palate collapse, which in turn narrows the airway and causes snoring.

When Does Snoring Become a Problem?

At times, snoring may be a sign of common sleep disorders or a medical condition that can be more serious.  This is when people should start exploring ways to stop snoring. An evaluation must be done in order to find out if sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders may be causing snoring. It is necessary to identify whether snoring is associated with a medical condition, or is a primary problem that does not have anything to do with any type of underlying illness, in order to find stop snoring solutions.

In case you are diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, you will need to buy the best CPAP machine that money can buy. Yes. It’s that serious.

Primary snoring does not have anything to do with OSA or obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, and other sleep problems, and important thing to remember due to the connection of underlying problems and adverse effects on a person’s health. OSA is related to higher probabilities of acquiring cardiovascular diseases like strokes and heart attacks, which is believed to occur because of increased occurrences of hypertension in people who have OSA. Should snoring be linked to these underlying conditions, the necessity of finding solutions to stop snoring becomes more immediate.

Various Methods Used to Stop Snoring

Self-Help and Home Remedies

There are different types of over-the-counter remedies available to stop snoring, although a lot of them do not really put a stop to it or cure sleep apnea snoring. One method that may help a person stop snoring is to change his sleeping position. It is more likely that a person will snore a lot more when he sleeps flat on his back.

To solve the problem, he must find a way to stop sleeping in this particular position. A tip that may prove useful is to wear a shirt with a pocket backward, placing a small ball inside the pocket of the shirt. Since it will be very uncomfortable to sleep with a ball on one’s back, the tendency is to sleep on one’s side instead.

Another useful piece of advice to stop snoring is to avoid taking alcohol especially about 4 hours prior to sleeping. Alcohol is a muscle relaxant, which causes the neck, the tongue and palate to relax as well. This causes the narrowing of the airways and results in snoring. Narcotics, sedatives, and other similar medications must be avoided as well because of the same reasons. Throat muscles relax and obstruction in the airway is more likely to happen.

Smoking is also a big factor behind why people snore. Aside from the fact that it can cause a lot of respiratory problems and other health risks, smoking can also cause congestion in the nose and in the lungs. This is why smoking must be avoided in order to stop snoring, aside from the other serious problems it can cause. In the same token, second-hand smoke should be avoided as well. It is very harmful and can result in snoring just like actually smoking a cigarette can do. Keeping away from places where people smoke, and urging family and friends to quit is an effective method of avoiding the dangers of second-hand smoke.

There are also a many stop snoring devices that may be used to stop snoring. Most of these devices are easily purchased in drugstores or online.

One device called the “Sandler” pillow is designed in such a way that sleeping on one’s side instead of laying flat on the bed is encouraged.

The “Sleep Position Monitor” is a device that produces a beeping noise when the snorer moves to a position where he lays on his back. The only problem is that whoever is sleeping beside the person is bothered by the beeping sound as well.

Nevertheless, it can help a snorer develop new sleeping habits in terms of sleep positions, and can be removed once he has gotten used to his new sleeping position.

The stop snoring mouth piece or stop snoring mouth guard, stop snoring chin strap, nasal strips, dilators, and throat sprays are other tools that can help a person stop snoring. The stop snoring mouthpiece and snoring mouth guard are devices that have proven especially effective for a lot of people. Snoremeds stop snoring solutions can be tried as well.

Medical Methods of Treatment

The mild type of snoring that result from an inflammation of the nasal lining can be treated by a doctor through a steroid preparation that is inhaled. However, the more serious forms may require surgery or “continuous positive airway pressure” or CPAP.

This is a kind of device composed of a mask fitting securely over the nose and the mouth, which is kept in place through the use of head straps, along with a blower attached to the mask and used to produce pressurized air. This type of controlled pressure acts as a kind of air splint that keeps throat and nasal tissues in its proper position and air passages open while a person is asleep, and has proven to be quite effective from sleep apnea and to stop snoring.

Surgery is another method of treatment to stop snoring. Somnoplasty is a type of surgical procedure wherein a patient is placed under local anesthesia and a tiny electrode set on the soft palate before heating it up. This heat coming from the electrode is able to shrink soft tissue found at the backside of the patient’s throat over a period of some weeks.

It is an out-patient procedure that takes around half an hour to accomplish. It may also be recommended that certain soft tissues located on a person’s soft palate be cut out to take out tissue that causes airway obstruction and stop snoring.

Other surgical procedures that may be performed to stop snoring is a tonsillectomy, which is the removal of tonsils; or an adenoidectomy that involves removing adenoids found at the back part of the throat.


Snoring can be a big problem not only for the person who snores, but also for anyone who has to share the same bed. More importantly, it could be a sign that something more serious is behind the problem. The best way to rest assured that nothing is really wrong is to have an evaluation that can best determine what the cause of snoring is. Whether it is nothing to worry about or caused by a medical condition, it is still better to find the best remedy to stop snoring and stop hearing complaints about your snoring.