Jamis Dakota D29 PRO Mountain Bike

Jamis Dakota D29 PRO is made with carbon frame and used the latest technology in the field of mountain biking. Jamis not just stopped with carbon fiber but made this bike with suitable component setup to fully utilize the bike performance on the trail. This mountain bike has big fat tapered head tube which gives lot of stiffness around the steerer.

It also features big fat bottom brocket shell with big bearing to give strong spindle power and great stiffness. Additionally this is a 29er bike, means bigger wheel which adds lot of comfort and gives faster ride. Stiffer frame, bigger wheels with wide range of gear ratio makes this bike an XC devil.

Better Frame Quality

The frame geometry is on steeper side and gives a snappy feel while riding. The head angle and seat angle depends on the size of the bike, 19” bike has 71 and 73 degree while 17” bike has 72 and 73.5 degree angle. This variation gives neutral position to riders and fits from 5 foot to 6 foot plus height. We cannot say much about the geometry of the frame except it is made with carbon material.

It is not that refined when compared to other top class hardtail bike frame but it does its job very well and gives very impressive ride on the trial. Due to the steeper seatpost and long top tube, this hardtail bike provides wide open cockpit that truly helps riders to get better riding position while climbing and working on pedals out of the saddle.

Though this mountain bike is made with carbon fiber material it is not a light weight bike and WTB wheels add up a little weight to the bike. Rear wheel hub needs little adjustment and sometime it get seized up after couple of rides. Jamis has considered this problem and said that the first set of bikes which came out of factory have this problem and rear hub seams to be little tight. Jamis has worked out all possible way to minimize the weight of the bike without compromising the quality of the components but finally the bike is not a super light and you feel a little heaviness due to bigger wheels. You can bring down the weight with new set of wheels and installing Stan’s kit.

Uncompromised Performance

With its strongly built frame, the bike can take up any tough terrain. Though the wheel weight pulls you back this 29er bike gives an impressive ride and provides better riding position to climb up and decent safely. The seat tube angle is little steeper and few riders may find it difficult moving back from the seat for efficient pedaling. The Ritchey seatpost is sometime unreliable and goes out of alignment when you hit big bumps on the trail probably Thompson Elite Inline seat post would fix this problem. Riders who weigh more than 100 kg would find it uncomfortable on cornering and little refinement of the spring rate in the suspension fork would fix this problem.

This hardtail bike rolls nicely on big rocks and roots with great control and handling, you can have great fun riding on singletrack. Jamis has specifically selected those components to built Dakota D29 which sure to add complement to the frame geometry. The BB Shell is higher and goes easy on big rocks but still few beginners says that they feel uncomfortable and it is totally depends on your riding style. The Ritchey mountain flat handlebar is little narrow and works well for singletrack and it is different from rise bars. Jamis fitted this flat bar specifically to keep the power gained in the front and again it totally depends on what purpose you are using the bike for.

Mid-range components

Though being little portly this mountain bike nicely rolls on woods without any problem. Most of the important components such as SRAM X9 drive train, Avid Elixir disc brakes and 100mm Rock Shox Reba air fork suspension works well on such race oriented machine. Few components such as WTB saddle and KMC chain makes it unsuitable for such a finely built XC bike and needs immediate replacement. The biggest selling point for Dakota D29 would be the 100 mm Rock Shox Reba fork suspension and the carbon fiber frame. The essential adjustment in fork suspension such as motion control damping and low speed compression are additional advantage and totally add boost to such an impressive hardtail bike. Lockout controlled by remote Poploc is well utilized while climbing and even if you forget to close while decent it does not create any problem to the suspension.

Normally at this price range all other 29er bikes would feature Shimano XT drivetrain or Shimano SLX groupset but this mountain bike has not been highlighted with any special groupset but compromised with X9 series of derailleur and shifter from SRAM. The stem is spot on and well made for XC trail riding but if you are trying for technical terrain and few feet drops shorter stem would be better. Apart from few flaws, this hardtail bike has good components and you would not regret spending more money at all for its best bicycle cover for rain to protect it from harsh weather conditions. The money which you have spend are equally been worth for bomb proof frame, bigger wheels, SRAM gears and Rock Shox Reba air fork suspension and others are mid-range parts.

Our analysis

Even though having few flaws and possessing mid-range components those who bought this bike really love its performance. This break through is because the bike never fail to give great handling and control on technical terrain and inspire confident while climbing and decent. You always have those nice Avid brakes to slow u down while on decent and confident inspiring both up hill and downhill. This mountain bike is ideal for beginners as well as advanced riders and act as a one of the best all day XC.


Jamis Dakota D29 Hardtail Mountain Bike – Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer: Jamis
Brand Name: Dakota D29
29er bike
Hydraulic Disc brake
100mm of travel fork
Weight 11.22 kg


Carbon fiber Frame
Available in 15”, 17”, 19”, 21” frame size
Asymmetrical chainstay
Replaceable derailleur hanger
Steeper seatpost
Big sized tapered head tube and BB shell


Rock Shox Reba Dual air suspension fork
Adjustable suspension
External rebound
Motion Control damping
Low speed compression damping
Rebound damping with remote PopLoc
Remote lockout


Avid Elixir 3 hydraulic disc brake
SRAM X9 10 speed
SRAM X9 derailleur
Geax Barro Race Tire
WTB Speed Rims